This is the first tutorial to explain how to use my models.
Dide model lets you move it in 3D space to show the other sides,
it's also possible to change his colors. Let's see how is done.
_First open the file DICE-PSD.psd
_Go to layers select the layer 3D DICE (1)
_Then go to the 3D (scene) window, check quality (2) 
change to interactive painting

_Go to the window select tools rotate 3d (3) select the interactive tool to make
the rotation (4) I made 180 º rotation, You will see that the lateral faces are 
different now.

_Go to 3D (material) window to change colors (5) there are two materials
one for the dots and other for the DICE (6) then select diffuse color to change it.

Its done, now you can fit another background, 
make another shadow ...
To do this tutorial you need the 3d model, 
you can find here

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