Video tutorial


Wax Crayons

Back to school, let's start drawing. You can change the crayon color and make your own label.


Photoshop Render engine

The photoshop starting with version CS4 extended version supports 3d files - 3ds and object formats, after imported to photoshop we can paint this objects with the same tools we use to paint a 2d file.
Photoshop also have after finishing the painting process, a render engine to improve image quality, through photoshop rendering engine, there are three levels of quality, which is the interactive equivalent of the open GL used in 3d software, and two levels of quality, ray traced draft that can already generate shadows and reflections in the image, and Ray Traced final generating a final image with improved qualities. The interactive version should be used during the work process, the other two for finishing.
Spray Can

With just one layout, we can make five scenes, in the spray can, you can change the label, for that, you will find a reference file to avoid image disproportions, we can also change the properties of the cap, color, brightness. In the floor you control the color and reflection, or apply a texture. The can metal can be changed to matte finish, by blurring the reflection map.

Traffic Cone


See the video tutorials:

Lego Bricks

With three different layouts you can combine pieces using layers, changing colors, to better understand you must see the videos tutorials


Phone Mock-up

Preview samples for phone mock-up, this set have two basic scene: stand up and lying down position, you can place your screen easily, the screen size is 1280x1960pix.

You can change the background color and floor reflection.

You can also change the phone color to white, and change the screen reflection by uploading a new reflection map.

See the video tutorial at youtube