2D Mock-up versus 3D Mock-up
I want to show the major differences between this two types of mock-ups.
Starting with the same model, a paper bag.

The left picture is a 2D file and the right picture is a 3D model.  

For customizing process we use smart object for the 2D version and
3D materials for the 3D model

As you can see in the 2D file we only need to customize the two sides visible, and the 3D file we customize all sides.

The top views look very similar,
but the 2D mock-up is limited to only one view, while the 3d model we can change the view angle, change the lighting and control shadows.

2D Mock-up


  • Compatible with all versions of photoshop starting with version CS
  • Fast and easy to customize

  • Limited to one view
  • Don't work with all kind of objects

3D Mock-up


  • Unlimited views
  • Customizable lights
  • Customizable shadows
  • Accurate mapping for any model shape

  • Only work with photoshop extended
  • Need to render scene to visualize 
  • Customization more complex

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